Learn more about the benefits of incorporating Deep Relief to enhance your comprehensive treatment plan.


“In my experience, the patients who have followed my advice to use a specific Deep Relief product have been very thankful and have maintained their health through chiropractic care.”

– Dr. David J. Leprich, DC.

“Deep Relief products have been an important tool in my 20 year chiropractic career. As a chiropractic sports injury and rehabilitation specialist I have successfully used the Deep Relief products for both my athletic and non athletic patients. It is a great alternative to ice when ice is not readily available, when the patient does not enjoy the feeling of ice or believes in the benefit of ice. The Dual Action Neck, Shoulder & Back Pain Relief Warming Rub is really useful with athletes who need to warm up their muscles and/or address general myofascial tightness prior to the events. The hands free application is user friendly and the packaging size is ideal for storage in their equipment bags.

Deep Relief has a great product line.”

– Dr. Susan DeWolfe. BSc, FCCSS(c), DC


First, Do No Harm

by Dr. David Leprich, D.C.

Deep Relief products have a heritage dating back to 1889 and includes the number one selling cold topical gel in Canada.

– Excerpts from First, Do No Harm, written by Dr. David Leprich, June 17, 2013
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